We’ve started the third issue of Ruby Red. From now on you get to see work that was actually created this year.

I ordered a small postcard print from redbubble to check their quality. While I can’t say anything about their larger prints and other products (such as phone cases), the print I received seems to be pretty good quality. It’s very close to the colors of the original, perhaps with a very slightly pinker tint. But I think that’s something you’d only notice if you’d stared at the original piece for hours on end. I’ve got another painting in the works that will be up as a print soon enough.

Also, I made a links page for my tumblr and figured it’d be something to post here, in case anyone wanted a rundown on how I’m using social media:

MY WEBSITE– My art website. You can contact me through here, see my professional portfolio, or take bets on when I might actually update the site’s blog.

DEVIANTART– Another place for art. Most (but not all) of what’s on my website is here too, and this is where I post sketches and other nonprofessional art. It’s also currently where I post my comic, Ruby Red.

RUBY REDCurrently on deviant art, soon to be on a subdomain on my website (the one at the bottom of every page). Now on its own subdomain at my website! Updated on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

REDBUBBLE– Where you can buy prints of my work. I don’t have everything up here, so if there’s anything you want as a print please ask me and I will do my best to make it available!

FACEBOOK– I’ll update about projects I’m doing as well as post art here.

THREADLESS– I like making T-shirt designs sometimes.

TWITTER– This is the quickest way to get in contact with me. Be warned: personal opinions abound (including on such things as politics, religion, etc).

INSTAGRAM– Mostly cats.

TUMBLR– I mostly just reblog things that I agree with or that I find funny. Sometimes I post art. I also post personal opinions here (mostly in the form of reblogs) so you are warned. I try to tag my reblogs and non-art posts so if you’re only interested in art, you can use the tumblr savior add-on to block certain tags.

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