Happy new year! Getting a start on my 2019 blogs early – they always say less is more, anyway, right? Anyway, Ruby Red is on hiatus for a bit while I thumbnail the next part of the chapter, but the whole thing is up-to-date over on Webtoons. And, now I have enough to put together Volume 3 in print – so look forward to that coming out sometime this year.

Regarding the whole Tumblr thing, I’ve still got one but it has been some time since I used Tumblr with any kind of consistency. If you want to keep up with me on social media, Twitter is probably the most active while there is more art on Instagram (and sometimes Facebook). I’ll continue to post comic reminders on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook when I start updating again, and I’ve been keeping my deviantArt updated as well. And of course, there’s always Patreon.

In other news, anthologies! I’m going to be part Why Faith: A Comics Anthology (due to launch on indiegogo on April 16!) It’s an anthology about the concept of faith, and what faith (or the lack thereof) means to different people. My 7-page story is about agnostic atheism, anxiety, and customer service. Keep an eye out for it!

I’m hoping to do more anthologies this year as time allows – I’m working on a submission to Iron Circus’s next anthology, and I’ve got my eye on a couple others as well. Looking forward to see what this year brings!

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