So this is what an update looks like!  Not only am I updating my blog, I’ve also uploaded three (3!) new pieces, two of which you can soon have for your very own along with about nine other pieces, and many words and sentences to go with them!  Yes, I have uploaded the cover and one of the interior illustrations to that children’s book I was working on up through June, and it will be coming out soon!  Very soon!  So keep watching here for updates (or go here and follow the little elf on Facebook!  You know you want to!)

I have been working on a personal comic, and am just about to enter the pencil stage for the first chapter.  You can spot some of the thumbnails in this sketch post here.

Until next time…

Posted by pjeanniejean | 20 July, 2011 at 04:59 | Life, Site Update | No comment

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