Coming soon:

– regular updates. I’m going to start posting a comic I’ve been working on called Ruby Red (you can see some of the characters here). I just wanted to get enough of a buffer so that I wasn’t rushing to make regular updates, and I’ve got almost 40 pages done now, with the next ~20 thumbnailed and the script for the ~20 after that finished. I’m basically drawing it by what would be an issue if it were being traditionally published, but I’ll be uploading by page, probably twice a week. The first 20 pages have been finished since last August, but last year was kind of horrible so I didn’t get to commit myself to drawing it as much as I’d have liked. This year’s looking to be better though, so I’m looking forward to finally getting this story onto paper. As much as I love it, I’m still relatively new to drawing comics (this will be the fourth one I’ve ever drawn, and the only one longer than a single issue). It’s figuring out a process that works for both me and this comic that’s been tough, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.

– website redesign in addition to making a site for the comic.

– name change for my deviantart account. Probably to pjeanniejean. Probably.

– new scanner/printer that can scan (and print) up to 11×17 so I AM EXCITED! No more stitching together slightly larger pieces of artwork in photoshop! Plus considering my old scanner/printer was bought in 2006 (with my first ever paycheck… oh, memories), it’s well past time I got a new one.

– maybe some watercolor paintings? It’s been a while since I’ve just painted for the hell of it, and the days are getting longer now so it could be something to do. And I want to do more portraits. Maybe I should continue doing the thing where I was drawing all the reference pictures of people’s faces I’d saved to my computer. Maybe…

Also I installed a website blocker (stayfocusd) and it has worked wonders on my productivity. It’s the best thing since I discovered the youtube comment blockers, which in turn was the best thing since adblock. What I’m trying to say is that extensions make the Internet better.

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