Category: Over the River

  • 33: What

    So, the thing is, I somewhat regularly update the blog over at Ruby Red dot com so I kind of forget about this blog.  Whoops.  So, what have I been up to for the last (oh dear god) 7 months?  Well: Ruby Red has been updating more frequently than its blog. I submitted a revamped version of Over […]

  • 32: Coming Soon

    “While Naoko seeks to make a friend out of the ever-aloof Ramona, Noah fears inviting the unknown into his life.  Meanwhile, Judith persists in finding the missing stones and making Ramona’s worst nightmares come true.” Ruby Red will return with weekly updates on Monday, May 23!  You can click here to see the cover for part […]

  • 31: SC Comicon 2016

    SC Comicon 2016 is this weekend!  I will be at table 233!  I’ll have comics, prints, buttons, and sketch commissions!  Come by the table and say hi! If you can’t make it to the con, you can check out my SquareUp store, or you can commission custom artwork from me!  Click on the chart below for basic pricing […]

  • 30: Conventions and Commissions

    My commissions are open!  Click on the chart at the bottom of the post for information.  Contact me through here or through my website if you are interested. See my website, my dA gallery, or my art tag for more examples. I will also be at SC Comicon 2016, so you can get commissions done there, too!  Or if […]