HeroesCon is coming up, and I will be sharing a table with Kiara again!  Copies of Ruby Red will be available for purchase, as will prints and commissions and buttons.

As of right now, we will be at table AA-623!



Meanwhile, I am working on the next pages of Ruby Red.  The hiatus is going on a little longer than I anticipated, but Ruby Red will be back soon enough.  You can follow me on Twitter or Tumblr or Facebook if you want to be kept up to date on the progress of the comic (admittedly I don’t update facebook much, but I will with the things that matter).

See y’all at the con!

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NashiCon is coming up in less than three weeks!  What!  Kiara and I will be at Table E.  E stands for Excellent, Extraordinary, Excelsior, Exterminate–wait, sorry, scratch that last one.  The point is, we’re awesome and you will be too if you come around to see us.

We will also be sharing a table at HeroesCon in June, though the table number remains a mystery as of now.

Ruby Red will be going on hiatus during April and part of May, after this Friday’s comic.  However, you’ll be able to buy a physical copy of issues 1-3 (pages 1-63) this summer, after HeroesCon.  Copies will be available at both conventions, too.

This weekend is Winthrop’s Senior Design & Illustration Show!  Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it, but they have fantastic work and their speaker is Nathan Yoder, so it is going to be a fantastic evening for those lucky enough to go.

The days are getting longer, literally.  Goodbye, winter.

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I will be in artist alley at NASHICON in Columbia, SC on April 19-20!  I’ll be sharing a table with another lovely artist, Kiara Williams! I am super excited!

I will also be at HEROESCON in Charlotte, NC on June 20-22!  I will keep you all updated as I find out more information. I have no idea what my table number is at either con, or what all I’ll be selling (obviously prints, sketch commissions, and physical copies of Ruby Red, but what else? Buttons? Bookmarks? My firstborn child? Any suggestions?)

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Happy (belated) Halloween!

So my birthday was on the 18th, and over the past couple weeks I’ve been buying myself a few presents here and there. I got the first volume of Lackadaisy a couple weeks ago, which is beautiful. Today I went to my local comic book store and bought Sandman: Overture. I also bought the first volume of RASL and the second of Saga. I’ve yet to read the latter two, and now I wish I hadn’t read Sandman because I have to wait until December for the next one. This is why I normally wait for collected editions. But this art, you guys… go look at this art.

As for my own comic… uh… well, I will definitely be back on the 11th, but I have not had time to do anything other than catch up. But it’ll be fine! It’ll probably be fine.  If you aren’t caught up, you can read it at RubyRedComic.com.


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Today’s comic is up, as is Ruby Red’s web site!  I’ll be adjusting it here and there, adding and revising pages, but you can now keep up with the comic there instead of on my dA page (and I’m also uploading slightly bigger images than what’s on dA).  We’re currently in Issue 3, which has seven more pages left.

After that, I’m taking a short hiatus from updating the comic.  Reasons:

  1. I’ll be finishing up with Issue 4 shortly, but I want to get a little further ahead in Issue 5 before I start posting again.
  2. I want to do a short comic.  I’m not sure what it will be yet, or if it will be related to Ruby Red, but I need to stretch my creative muscles.
  3. I’m starting a new job at a costume shop, so I know I may be a little exhausted for the next couple of weeks while I learn the ropes.

So, I’ll still be making art, and probably uploading it too, but sometimes you just need to take a break.  I will still be around though and you can always give my email inbox a little attention if you’ve got any questions.

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We’ve started the third issue of Ruby Red. From now on you get to see work that was actually created this year.

I ordered a small postcard print from redbubble to check their quality. While I can’t say anything about their larger prints and other products (such as phone cases), the print I received seems to be pretty good quality. It’s very close to the colors of the original, perhaps with a very slightly pinker tint. But I think that’s something you’d only notice if you’d stared at the original piece for hours on end. I’ve got another painting in the works that will be up as a print soon enough.

Also, I made a links page for my tumblr and figured it’d be something to post here, in case anyone wanted a rundown on how I’m using social media:

MY WEBSITE– My art website. You can contact me through here, see my professional portfolio, or take bets on when I might actually update the site’s blog.

DEVIANTART– Another place for art. Most (but not all) of what’s on my website is here too, and this is where I post sketches and other nonprofessional art. It’s also currently where I post my comic, Ruby Red.

RUBY REDCurrently on deviant art, soon to be on a subdomain on my website (the one at the bottom of every page). Now on its own subdomain at my website! Updated on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

REDBUBBLE– Where you can buy prints of my work. I don’t have everything up here, so if there’s anything you want as a print please ask me and I will do my best to make it available!

FACEBOOK– I’ll update about projects I’m doing as well as post art here.

THREADLESS– I like making T-shirt designs sometimes.

TWITTER– This is the quickest way to get in contact with me. Be warned: personal opinions abound (including on such things as politics, religion, etc).

INSTAGRAM– Mostly cats.

TUMBLR– I mostly just reblog things that I agree with or that I find funny. Sometimes I post art. I also post personal opinions here (mostly in the form of reblogs) so you are warned. I try to tag my reblogs and non-art posts so if you’re only interested in art, you can use the tumblr savior add-on to block certain tags.

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First ‘issue’ of Ruby Red is all up now (as of this past Thursday). I suppose I’ll make a journal entry every time I finish a chapter in case anyone would rather wait until each part is completely up before reading.

You know, I’ve had the character of Naoko since at least 2004 (possibly earlier), but I actually completely scrapped her original story–and name, and supporting characters, and most of her original design–and started writing a new story for her sometime I think in 2010. It’s a little weird that I’m actually putting it up for people to read now… but hopefully anyone who finds it will enjoy it as much as I do.

Also, there is new art on the site!

Enjoy the weekend…

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We’re up to page fifteen on the comic. I’m done penciling the batch I’m on now (which would equate to issue three? sure) and have moved onto inking. Now that I’m not moving and going out of town, it should go more quickly.

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Still working on getting the site updated, but in the meantime…

Naoko Nekoi finds a mysterious stone that gives her telekinetic control over rocks. There are four other stones like hers, and Naoko must team up with a wanted vigilante before the stones fall into the wrong hands.

I’ve uploaded the first five pages of Ruby Red here. I’ll upload the next few pages on Friday, and after that, I’ll upload a page every Monday and Thursday. When I get the rubyred subdomain all set up, I’ll put the comic there (and probably keep posting it at deviantart, too).

I’m using Blambot for most of the fonts. Anything that isn’t Blambot is handwritten, except for the chapter title font (Birch Std). Everything else–all the textures, linework, cheesy dialogue–is all by me. So… let’s see how this goes.

Oh, and I made a facebook page for my art! You can also find me on:

Until next time…

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Coming soon:

– regular updates. I’m going to start posting a comic I’ve been working on called Ruby Red (you can see some of the characters here). I just wanted to get enough of a buffer so that I wasn’t rushing to make regular updates, and I’ve got almost 40 pages done now, with the next ~20 thumbnailed and the script for the ~20 after that finished. I’m basically drawing it by what would be an issue if it were being traditionally published, but I’ll be uploading by page, probably twice a week. The first 20 pages have been finished since last August, but last year was kind of horrible so I didn’t get to commit myself to drawing it as much as I’d have liked. This year’s looking to be better though, so I’m looking forward to finally getting this story onto paper. As much as I love it, I’m still relatively new to drawing comics (this will be the fourth one I’ve ever drawn, and the only one longer than a single issue). It’s figuring out a process that works for both me and this comic that’s been tough, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.

– website redesign in addition to making a site for the comic.

– name change for my deviantart account. Probably to pjeanniejean. Probably.

– new scanner/printer that can scan (and print) up to 11×17 so I AM EXCITED! No more stitching together slightly larger pieces of artwork in photoshop! Plus considering my old scanner/printer was bought in 2006 (with my first ever paycheck… oh, memories), it’s well past time I got a new one.

– maybe some watercolor paintings? It’s been a while since I’ve just painted for the hell of it, and the days are getting longer now so it could be something to do. And I want to do more portraits. Maybe I should continue doing the thing where I was drawing all the reference pictures of people’s faces I’d saved to my computer. Maybe…

Also I installed a website blocker (stayfocusd) and it has worked wonders on my productivity. It’s the best thing since I discovered the youtube comment blockers, which in turn was the best thing since adblock. What I’m trying to say is that extensions make the Internet better.

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