I have a print shop now at RedBubble.

You can buy a print of Tea Time here. I ordered a postcard print for myself to test the quality and it seems to have turned out well. They cut a little off the edges (though that’s bound to happen with any kind of print, especially print on demand), but the colors look good and the paper seems sturdy. I haven’t tested out any other types of prints there, but if you do order anything and you aren’t happy, they have a return policy here. Also, if you get something that’s bad quality, please let me know (through my contact page or any other site you follow me on). If I get too many complaints about bad quality prints I’ll find somewhere else to get them done. For now, it looks like it’s gonna work out.

I’m gonna try to create more stand-alone illustrations to put in the shop, too. I don’t really want a bunch of old work in there, mainly, and comic pages don’t really work as prints (well, depending on the page I suppose).

Lastly, if you’d like to commission me to draw anything for you, feel free to contact me.

Ruby Red is still going strong, and we’re about to enter the third issue which has a lot of action. No time like the present to get caught up!

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First ‘issue’ of Ruby Red is all up now (as of this past Thursday). I suppose I’ll make a journal entry every time I finish a chapter in case anyone would rather wait until each part is completely up before reading.

You know, I’ve had the character of Naoko since at least 2004 (possibly earlier), but I actually completely scrapped her original story–and name, and supporting characters, and most of her original design–and started writing a new story for her sometime I think in 2010. It’s a little weird that I’m actually putting it up for people to read now… but hopefully anyone who finds it will enjoy it as much as I do.

Also, there is new art on the site!

Enjoy the weekend…

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Well here is my seasonal blog post. I uploaded a sketch dump of miscellaneous drawings from my last two sketchbooks. I really thought that I’d scanned & sketchdumped my previous sketchbook, but apparently I didn’t. So you all get twice the sketches now! I have two other compilations of sketches from these last two books, so hold onto your hats! I’ll be uploading them in the next week or two (gotta space it out, man).

My new years resolution is to get Ruby Red off the ground. I’ve decided that I’m going to put it up online, once I get a section of my site set up for it (which my awesome sister is helping me with). I think that’ll encourage me to get it drawn faster, rather than waiting to get the story picked up by a publisher or only doing self-publishing. So I’ll let you know when I start putting that up, it’ll probably begin around March. Stay tuned!

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I’ve been drawing all the faces in my reference folder.  Have a look!

Faces 0-A

Faces B-C

Faces C

I’ll update as I go along…

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So, I illustrated a kid’s book!  You can buy it here!  It’s got ten inside illustrations, and 146 pages telling anecdotes and adventures of the little elf Geolindin.  Here is the cover, and if you click “next” you can see two of the inside illustrations.

So what are you waiting for?  Go!  Click the link!

And after you’ve clicked those links, click this one to follow the elf on Facebook!

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