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  • 37: Ruby Red Volume 2

    Ruby Red: Volume 2 is available for purchase! If you don’t have Volume 1, you can buy them in a bundle at a slightly cheaper price.  And if you’re a patron at the $7 level, you’ll get an extra 15% of anything you buy throughout the month of July. What the heck’s a patron, you […]

  • 33: What

    So, the thing is, I somewhat regularly update the blog over at Ruby Red dot com so I kind of forget about this blog.  Whoops.  So, what have I been up to for the last (oh dear god) 7 months?  Well: Ruby Red has been updating more frequently than its blog. I submitted a revamped version of Over […]

  • Blog the Thirteenth

    Coming soon: – regular updates. I’m going to start posting a comic I’ve been working on called Ruby Red (you can see some of the characters here). I just wanted to get enough of a buffer so that I wasn’t rushing to make regular updates, and I’ve got almost 40 pages done now, with the […]

  • About that blog thing…

    So this is what an update looks like!  Not only am I updating my blog, I’ve also uploaded three (3!) new pieces, two of which you can soon have for your very own along with about nine other pieces, and many words and sentences to go with them!  Yes, I have uploaded the cover and […]

  • Uploadsies

    I added some art!  Most of the pieces I have in my portfolio are now on the site.  Still playing around with organization, so don’t get too attached to anything yet. Also updated the “About Me,” so now you can know my entire life (well, you’ll get the gist of it).

  • It’s still got that new domain smell…

    Hey, I have a website now!  This is quite exciting.  Thanks very much to my sister Leigh ( for coding the site and helping with all the fun technical stuff.  I’m still getting my art together to upload it here, and I need to change my “about me” content because my name is not, in […]