I’ve got a surprise one-day convention this weekend!  Mochi-Day in Liberty, SC!  Admission is just $5, so really, how can you go wrong?  I’ll have the usual prints, books, and buttons, and I will be doing commissions.  I will be sharing a table with fellow artist Alicia!  See you there!

Today’s Ruby Red comic is technically a rearranged version of the cover to issue #7.  I’m going to work on the planning stages of Chapter Two (book two?  whatever) for a while so that once I start updating, I can get through the whole chapter without another hiatus.  The Woman in Red has been a wild ride since its start, but I’ve learned a lot so far.  I’m really excited for what strange new horrible frustrating challenges the next four chapters will bring.

If you’re reading this but for some reason haven’t read the comic yet, go!  Here’s the first page!

Keep up with me on facebook – deviantart – twitter – tumblr – instagram to see when the comic comes back, and other things I do. If none of those sound appealing, shoot me an email here and I’ll add you to a list to be notified when Ruby Red updates again.

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June 19-21!  Charlotte, NC!  Be there!

I will be sharing artspace with Desi, Kiara, Courtney, and Allison.  Come by, get some cool stuff, and hang out with the cool kids!  I’ll be doing commissions and selling prints, original artwork, buttons, and of course copies of Ruby Red: Volume 1.  It was really hard not to end every sentence with an exclamation point, that’s how much fun this convention is.  See you there!


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SC COMICON – March 21-22

HEROESCON – June 19-21

Wow, that’s a short schedule.

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This is why I have twitter. I’m not one for words, so sometimes I leave my blog sitting untouched for half a year.  But if I need to share an inane thought that no one really needs to know, by golly, I will shout it from the rooftops in 140 characters or less.

Here’s something not inane:  I’m going to have a table at SC Comicon in Greenville, SC on March 21-22!  I didn’t have a table last year because I found out about it somewhat late and had a lot going on, but I did go for a couple hours on that Sunday and it was awesome!  It’s hosted by Borderlands, which also happens to be the comic shop I frequent most.  It’s really exciting to have a good comics-focused convention in my hometown.  Hopefully I’ll get to see you all there!

Ruby Red is still on hiatus, though I am working on the pages.  I’ve actually updated that blog a couple times in the past couple months, but the short story is that I want to put more effort into the details in the artwork, but that takes longer, but it’s a free web comic so y’know, yeah.  There’s also other stuff and things that distract from the main point, but I am not walking away from RR until the story is finished.  I’m just stubborn like that.

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This is where Kiara and I will be at HeroesCon – table AA-623:



(Click for a larger size image)

I will be offering pencil and ink commissions, and there will also be prints, books, and buttons.  Come and find me!

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HeroesCon is coming up, and I will be sharing a table with Kiara again!  Copies of Ruby Red will be available for purchase, as will prints and commissions and buttons.

As of right now, we will be at table AA-623!



Meanwhile, I am working on the next pages of Ruby Red.  The hiatus is going on a little longer than I anticipated, but Ruby Red will be back soon enough.  You can follow me on Twitter or Tumblr or Facebook if you want to be kept up to date on the progress of the comic (admittedly I don’t update facebook much, but I will with the things that matter).

See y’all at the con!

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NashiCon is coming up in less than three weeks!  What!  Kiara and I will be at Table E.  E stands for Excellent, Extraordinary, Excelsior, Exterminate–wait, sorry, scratch that last one.  The point is, we’re awesome and you will be too if you come around to see us.

We will also be sharing a table at HeroesCon in June, though the table number remains a mystery as of now.

Ruby Red will be going on hiatus during April and part of May, after this Friday’s comic.  However, you’ll be able to buy a physical copy of issues 1-3 (pages 1-63) this summer, after HeroesCon.  Copies will be available at both conventions, too.

This weekend is Winthrop’s Senior Design & Illustration Show!  Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it, but they have fantastic work and their speaker is Nathan Yoder, so it is going to be a fantastic evening for those lucky enough to go.

The days are getting longer, literally.  Goodbye, winter.

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I will be in artist alley at NASHICON in Columbia, SC on April 19-20!  I’ll be sharing a table with another lovely artist, Kiara Williams! I am super excited!

I will also be at HEROESCON in Charlotte, NC on June 20-22!  I will keep you all updated as I find out more information. I have no idea what my table number is at either con, or what all I’ll be selling (obviously prints, sketch commissions, and physical copies of Ruby Red, but what else? Buttons? Bookmarks? My firstborn child? Any suggestions?)

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Happy (belated) Halloween!

So my birthday was on the 18th, and over the past couple weeks I’ve been buying myself a few presents here and there. I got the first volume of Lackadaisy a couple weeks ago, which is beautiful. Today I went to my local comic book store and bought Sandman: Overture. I also bought the first volume of RASL and the second of Saga. I’ve yet to read the latter two, and now I wish I hadn’t read Sandman because I have to wait until December for the next one. This is why I normally wait for collected editions. But this art, you guys… go look at this art.

As for my own comic… uh… well, I will definitely be back on the 11th, but I have not had time to do anything other than catch up. But it’ll be fine! It’ll probably be fine.  If you aren’t caught up, you can read it at RubyRedComic.com.


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What are fonts and typefaces?

The distinction between font and typeface is that a font designates a specific member of a type family such as roman, boldface, or italic type, while typeface designates a consistent visual appearance or style which can be a “family” or related set of fonts. For example, a given typeface such as Arial may include roman, bold, and italic fonts.


How do I install them on a Windows PC?

There are several ways, but this is what I do (on Windows 7):

  1. Click the start menu button.
  2. Click on “Control Panel.”
  3. Click “Fonts.”
  4. Open the folder where you’ve saved your new font (usually the download folder) and paste it into the Fonts folder.
    • If your font is in a .zip file, you’ll have to unzip it.  You can either use a program like Winzip (which has a free trial you can download repeatedly), or you can right-click the file, go to “open with,” and open the .zip file with Windows Explorer.
    • You should probably close any running programs while doing this.
How do I install them on a Mac?

Clicky clicky.  Or clicky clicky here. I don’t own a mac right now (boo) so there’s no specific way I go about it.


What’s the difference between TrueType, OpenType, and PostScript fonts?

If you just want a font that prints well and is easy to read on the screen, then consider using a TrueType font. If you need a large character set for language coverage and fine typography, then you might want to use an OpenType font. If you need to print professional quality print publications, such as glossy magazines, or you need to do commercial printing, PostScript is a good choice.

And here’s Adobe’s slightly longer but still brief explanation.


Where can I get free fonts?

There are lots of free fonts out there, and if you’re as broke as I am, you are thankful for this.  I usually bookmark places I find, so I’ll share a few of them here.  Some of these are websites of font-creators, others are sites that aggregate content from other sites.

REMEMBER:  Even though these fonts are free to download, it’s up to you to double-check the license agreement for every font you use.  Some are free to use for commercial use, others are free for non-profit or independent projects, others are non-profit only.  Most creators will have their agreement either on their website or included in the .zip file as a .txt document

And if you want something that’s completely free and unique, you can always hand-letter.

If you’ve got any other sources or tidbits of information, feel free to add them in the comments!

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