29: Mochi-Day and Ruby Red News

I’ve got a surprise one-day convention this weekend!  Mochi-Day in Liberty, SC!  Admission is just $5, so really, how can you go wrong?  I’ll have the usual prints, books, and buttons, and I will be doing commissions.  I will be sharing a table with fellow artist Alicia!  See you there!

Today’s Ruby Red comic is technically a rearranged version of the cover to issue #7.  I’m going to work on the planning stages of Chapter Two (book two?  whatever) for a while so that once I start updating, I can get through the whole chapter without another hiatus.  The Woman in Red has been a wild ride since its start, but I’ve learned a lot so far.  I’m really excited for what strange new horrible frustrating challenges the next four chapters will bring.

If you’re reading this but for some reason haven’t read the comic yet, go!  Here’s the first page!

Keep up with me on facebook – deviantart – twitter – tumblr – instagram to see when the comic comes back, and other things I do. If none of those sound appealing, shoot me an email here and I’ll add you to a list to be notified when Ruby Red updates again.

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