Category: Ruby Red

  • 23: April Update

    NashiCon is coming up in less than three weeks!  What!  Kiara and I will be at Table E.  E stands for Excellent, Extraordinary, Excelsior, Exterminate–wait, sorry, scratch that last one.  The point is, we’re awesome and you will be too if you come around to see us. We will also be sharing a table at HeroesCon in […]

  • 21: Buying All the Comics

    Happy (belated) Halloween! So my birthday was on the 18th, and over the past couple weeks I’ve been buying myself a few presents here and there. I got the first volume of Lackadaisy a couple weeks ago, which is beautiful. Today I went to my local comic book store and bought Sandman: Overture. I also […]

  • 19: Ruby Red web site

    Today’s comic is up, as is Ruby Red’s web site!  I’ll be adjusting it here and there, adding and revising pages, but you can now keep up with the comic there instead of on my dA page (and I’m also uploading slightly bigger images than what’s on dA).  We’re currently in Issue 3, which has […]

  • 18: Links and Comic Update

    We’ve started the third issue of Ruby Red. From now on you get to see work that was actually created this year. I ordered a small postcard print from redbubble to check their quality. While I can’t say anything about their larger prints and other products (such as phone cases), the print I received seems […]

  • 16: Ruby Red Issue #1

    First ‘issue’ of Ruby Red is all up now (as of this past Thursday). I suppose I’ll make a journal entry every time I finish a chapter in case anyone would rather wait until each part is completely up before reading. You know, I’ve had the character of Naoko since at least 2004 (possibly earlier), […]

  • 15: fifteen

    We’re up to page fifteen on the comic. I’m done penciling the batch I’m on now (which would equate to issue three? sure) and have moved onto inking. Now that I’m not moving and going out of town, it should go more quickly.

  • 14: Ruby Red

    Still working on getting the site updated, but in the meantime… Naoko Nekoi finds a mysterious stone that gives her telekinetic control over rocks. There are four other stones like hers, and Naoko must team up with a wanted vigilante before the stones fall into the wrong hands. I’ve uploaded the first five pages of […]

  • Blog the Thirteenth

    Coming soon: – regular updates. I’m going to start posting a comic I’ve been working on called Ruby Red (you can see some of the characters here). I just wanted to get enough of a buffer so that I wasn’t rushing to make regular updates, and I’ve got almost 40 pages done now, with the […]