Still working on getting the site updated, but in the meantime…

Naoko Nekoi finds a mysterious stone that gives her telekinetic control over rocks. There are four other stones like hers, and Naoko must team up with a wanted vigilante before the stones fall into the wrong hands.

I’ve uploaded the first five pages of Ruby Red here. I’ll upload the next few pages on Friday, and after that, I’ll upload a page every Monday and Thursday. When I get the rubyred subdomain all set up, I’ll put the comic there (and probably keep posting it at deviantart, too).

I’m using Blambot for most of the fonts. Anything that isn’t Blambot is handwritten, except for the chapter title font (Birch Std). Everything else–all the textures, linework, cheesy dialogue–is all by me. So… let’s see how this goes.

Oh, and I made a facebook page for my art! You can also find me on:

Until next time…

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