31: SC Comicon 2016

SC Comicon 2016 is this weekend!  I will be at table 233!  I’ll have comics, prints, buttons, and sketch commissions!  Come by the table and say hi!


If you can’t make it to the con, you can check out my SquareUp storeor you can commission custom artwork from me!  Click on the chart below for basic pricing information, or contact me through my website if you have something else in mind you’d like to have drawn.


See my website, my dA gallery, or my art tag for more examples.

I ink all of my artwork traditionally. If you’d like the original drawing and/or a color print sent to you, please let me know. Shipping and the price of ordering the print will be charged.  I accept payment through PayPal or through SquareUp.

Penultimately, my mini-comic Over the River is complete!  Well, there’s a bit of a cliffhanger, but that’s it for right now.  Go check it out!

Lastly, Ruby Red is still coming along.  I am in the process of inking right now.  I’m doing something new for these pages–I drew the pencils in blue lead, so I can skip over the erasing stage and save my wrist some trouble.  My favorite stage of comic-making changes every time I change stages, but I really do enjoy inking.  There is something completely satisfying about seeing the final form of the comic take shape.

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