32: Coming Soon

“While Naoko seeks to make a friend out of the ever-aloof Ramona, Noah fears inviting the unknown into his life.  Meanwhile, Judith persists in finding the missing stones and making Ramona’s worst nightmares come true.”

Ruby Red will return with weekly updates on Monday, May 23!  You can click here to see the cover for part 8, which begins Chapter Two: Blue-Eyed Boy.  Get hyped!

SC Comicon 2016 was a blast!  Thanks to everyone who came by my table.  I will keep this place updated with future con info.

My commissions are still open, of course.  Click the chart below for basic info, or contact me through my website if you have something else in mind.


See my website, my dA gallery, or my art tag for more examples.

I ink all of my artwork traditionally. If you’d like the original drawing and/or a color print sent to you, please let me know. Shipping and the price of ordering the print will be charged.  I accept payment through PayPal or through SquareUp.

In the meantime, go read my mini-comic Over the River!

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