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So, the thing is, I somewhat regularly update the blog over at Ruby Red dot com so I kind of forget about this blog.  Whoops.  So, what have I been up to for the last (oh dear god) 7 months?  Well:

  • Ruby Red has been updating more frequently than its blog.
  • I submitted a revamped version of Over the River to the Creators for Creators Grant. The results won’t come out until next year, but even if I don’t get it, I now have a short-length graphic novel to pitch to publishers so that’s something.  I’ll post the pages soon!
  • I’ve added some new art to the site.
  • Earlier this year I did a 3-page Steven Universe fan-comic.
  • I am working on drawing the casts of each of the stories I’m working on.  Right now I’m working on the characters for Hali’s story.  Next will probably be either Ruby Red or Over the River.  Probably.

So, keep an eye out over the next couple weeks for new character art and new comic pages.

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